Professional Biography

Rebekah Smith is the principal attorney at Seven Tree Solutions.  She graduated from the University of Maine School of Law magna cum laude.  Rebekah served for both the Maine Supreme Judicial Court and the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit as a judicial clerk before conducting a two-year Skadden Fellowship representing clients in the legislature and through impact litigation. 

Since 2005, Rebekah has maintained a neutral legal practice as a mediator, arbitrator, independent outside investigator, and administrative law judge, presiding over hundreds of cases as a neutral.  In addition to providing mediation services for private parties, she serves as a mediator or arbitrator for the Maine Department of Education, the State Board of Arbitration and Conciliation,and the Maine Court system.  Through her years of mediating a range of cases, Rebekah has become experienced at facilitating agreements in high stakes and highly emotional situations. 

In 2012, Rebekah received a Flom Incubator Grant from the Skadden Fellowship Foundation to assist the Maine Human Rights Commission to create a formal mediation program.  In addition to helping the Commission develop the protocol for its current mediation program, the grant allowed Rebekah to conduct a series of mediations for individuals involved in Commission complaints.  Following the Commission’s promulgation of a rule establishing a mediation program in November 2012, Rebekah was selected as one of five mediators, out of over forty who applied, to join the Commission's roster of mediators.

As an administrative hearing officer, Rebekah presides over hearings for the Maine Department of Professional and Financial Regulation (and several licensing boards affiliated with DPFR), the Maine Public Employees Retirement System, the Maine Board of Emergency Medical Services, the Maine Department of Public Safety, the Maine Criminal Justice Academy, and the Maine State Housing Authority.  She has served as a Policy Fellow at the Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center and  an Adjunct Professor of the University of Maine at Augusta. 

Rebekah is President of the Board of Trustees of  the Maine Association of Mediators.  She is a member of the Maine Chapter of the Labor and Employment Relations Association; the Maine State Bar Association and its Alternative Dispute Resolution, Labor and Employment, and Elder Law Sections; and the Knox County Bar Association.


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